Keeping your van build functional and uncomplicated is hard to do, but at SYNC Vans its their main focus. Cutting out unnecessary parts, restricting design to be easier to use and travel with, and connecting the needs of their clients with essential layouts makes SYNC Vans stand out.

"We aspire to make vans easier to use, more intuitive, and less intimidating for all," says SYNC Vans co-founder Jay Sfingi.

SYNC was born from co-founder, Josh Shetler and his wife’s desire to mountain bike together and their realization that their van was an instrumental part in their biking ability. Josh and Jay founded SYNC, LLC in 2015 and rolled out their first van in 2016 after Jay's initial resistance crumbled from Josh's "relentless persuasion and a lost 'bet'". Jay and Josh came together with a driving focus on smart design, functionally intuitive van builds, and a goal to give greater access to better adventures for all people.

Jay explains, "Honestly, we believe in our heart of hearts that vans are about changing lives and making memories."


Focused Design

SYNC Vans is located in Bellevue, Idaho roughly 15 miles south of Sun Valley, Idaho. They're open to all van build types from standard, set configurations to completely customizable. 

"All configurations are comprehensive builds based around resolved layouts and expected programming needs for specific user groups (i.e. individuals/couples, families, people haulers, daily drivers, etc.)." Jay explains, "This well thought through solution based approach eliminated a lot of the decision anxiety associated with starting from scratch. It’s proven to be a successful approach for both builder and client."

SYNC helps simplify every aspect of the van build process -- from initial decisions to completed build -- so you can enjoy your van conversion journey just as much as you'll enjoy your van. Their focus on connecting quality materials and quality design makes knowing what's right easier. 

"It is imperative to us that the product we deliver is second to none and we continue to be an industry leader in fit and finish of our builds. We use only the best and most durable materials and components to ensure our clients will have a great experience."

SYNC Vans Sprinter 144" WB

Functional Simplicity

SYNC Vans is primarily known and sought out for their restricted, defined simplicity and deliberate aesthetic as well as their focused aim to achieve what they call "functional simplicity". 

Jay says,"Resisting the temptation to over program the interior of a van is hard, but imperative to a successful build outcome. This is ever evolving and a pursuit we’ve been on since inception. We’ll never stop trying to make builds with less complexities."

Their straight forward designs and "made with quality materials and common sense" attitude cuts decision making in half. SYNC offers two Sprinter van models with their semi-custom build options, Sprinter 144" WB and Sprinter 170" WB. However, multiple layouts are available for semi-custom 144" WB Sprinter van builds, including Atlas 144, Upland 144, Highland 144, and Meridian 144, and one great option for 170" WB: Atlas 170 . 


SYNC is focused on connecting the right client to the right van build. Each detailed van description suggests common compatibility, playfully lists their previous customer types in a "loved by" section, and their current order delivery date -- now showing October 2023 for most options. With each description you can really see their dedication to connecting vans with people.

Their thoughtful van layouts also allow clients the ability to adjust their SYNC van to fit their own van style, or go with a SYNC Black build and get fully customized from concept to design and throughout production. SYNC's Black program gives clients partnered access to a dedicated team to help bring their client's van dream to life.

SYNC Vans Sprinter 144"

What's the real difference between SYNC's semi-custom van builds and custom van builds?

The team at SYNC works with their clients to allow personalization within their semi-custom van models, offering simple changes with fresh finishes, color options, van layout adjustments, additional accessories, and exterior add-ons. While a custom SYNC Black van build allows complete control over the full design and choice of quality materials to make your van build dream come true.

Jay says it's really their great team that helps clients make their amazing van builds a reality. "I want to give due credit to our SYNC team. Each of our team members are family and all take tremendous pride in the work each contribute to the process of building a van. All of us love playing our respective roles in the experiences that will create lasting memories for each of our clients. It’s why we do what we do"

Having the right team of expert professionals as a dedicated touchstone and guide throughout a van conversion allows their clients to focus on the bigger picture and not get lost in the heavy details, while planning it all. 


Transformed by the Outdoors

Vans are the true vehicles for comfort in travel and accessibility for all. They naturally inspire us to spend more time outdoors with limited interior space and by limiting interior needs we're pulled into the openness of the outdoors. In those moments we are transformed into looking more outwardly than inwardly. 

"I don’t know of anything that contributes to the general well-being of humanity more than having experiences outdoors." Jay explains, "In most cases, even in urban markets, we are surrounded by or adjacent to, some form of nature. There’s just something that happens when you’re in 'it' that can be transformative, cleansing, and inspiring."

And just as we cherish the outdoors we must protect it.

Inspired by nature, SYNC responds to the uphill battle of environmental protection by being as mindful as possible. Through consciously choosing materials, finishes, adhesive choices, limiting additional design elements, and using recycled and sustainable materials where possible they are pushing the van conversion market into a more sustainable and empathetic future. 

 SYNC Vans


Being in sync with nature is a complicated and often persistent struggle, and achieving the same calm and accepting mindset as the mountains, trees, valleys, and rivers is a great task. Nature doesn't hold the same desires as we do, and to be in nature more really helps to align our honest desires and needs with what truly matters.

SYNC Vans' streamlined designs and dedicated focus on the necessary, uncomplicated features that make vans awesome without overdoing is a kind of fresh air in the van build world. Their defined intention pushes us to think more about what is really important: being lighter, going farther, and making memories that outlast our ability to travel. 

Jay says, "To play a role in helping individuals, friends, couples and families make lifetime memories with a SYNC Van is what really drives us forward. It doesn’t hurt that we really enjoy the process of building them as well!"


Reach out to SYNC through their website SyncVans.com for more information and to start your van journey, and click through to check out their awesome van layout options. 

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