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Midnite Solar Classic 150 SL Solar Charge Controller

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The Midnite Solar Classic 150 SL Charge Controller offers the full solar charging feature set of the original Classics, without the hydro and wind turbine control features; resulting in a drastically lower product price, with the same Midnite quality. 

The MidNite Classic charge controllers are full-featured Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers which maximize photovoltaic (PV) array capacity and layout flexibility more than other controllers in their class. These controllers also feature arc fault detection, as well as ground fault protection, so that a separate GFP breaker assembly is not necessary.There are three models available that accommodate solar arrays up to 150, 200, or 250VDC of operating voltage.

MPPT modes with user adjustable power curves are built in, along with a learning mode for self-optimization. No hub is required for stacking multiple units. They have two auxiliary outputs, a dry contact relay and a 12V output. Optional snap-on covers and hole plugs for sealing openings in dusty or salt-air environments are available from Midnite, though using them in this manner reduces output by about 20%. 

With three Classic models to choose from, use Midnite's Power Charts to pick the best one for your application.  By knowing your battery bank voltage, and the array voltage, you can determine the maximum array wattage that each model can support.

As well as their excellent features, Midnite Solar is a proudly American company based in Arlington, Washington. Their history goes back through several decades of electronics and solar companies in the Pacific Northwest. Midnite Solar products are made and supported in the USA.

Key Features: Midnite Solar Classic 150 SL Solar Charge Controller

  • Arc fault detection
  • Ground fault protection
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Two auxiliary outputs, one 12V and one dry contact relay
  • 150, 200 & 250 Operating Voltage
  • Dip switch programming
  • 12-72V battery charging standard
  • Exclusive HyperVOC extends VOC limits
  • Manual and Auto EQ
  • Full Internet Capable
  • Works with the Classic MNGP remote display
  • LED indicators for charge state (Bulk, Absorb and Float)
  • 380 days of daily history, 24 hours of data a 5 minute intervals
  • Communications – Ethernet, Modbus and RS232
  • Parallel operation for multiple Classic systems
  • Snap-on covers and hole plugs available (purchase separately)
  • 5-year warranty


Specifications: Midnite Solar Classic 150 SL Solar Charge Controller  

Length (in) 14.9
Width (in) 6
Depth (in) 4
Weight (lbs) 12
Operating Voltage 150V
Approvals FCC Class B, UL 1741, CE


Video: About Midnite Solar

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