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Victron Network Cable

  • $ 7.99

Need to connect your Victron devices to a Victron GX device for system monitoring? The Victron Network Cable is a quality cable to connect Phoenix Inverter Control, VE Interface MK3-USB, and VE.Bus connections between multiple VE.Bus devices and GX devices. 

This cable can be used to connect between devices that communicate via VE.Can, VE.Bus, VE.Net and VE9bitRS485 protocols. This is an Ethernet UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors, available in lengths from 0.3m to 30m.

Key Features: Victron Network Cable

The key features of the Victron Network Cable include:

  • UTP (Uniform Twisted Pair) Ethernet-compatible cable with RJ-45 connectors
  • TUV Nederland certified
  • Available in many lengths from 0.3m to 30m.


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