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Decked Drawer System D-Box

  • $ 60.00

The Decked drawer system is a simple, easy-to-install storage system for your camper van. Built of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with steel rails and steel reinforcement, each long drawer can hold 200 pounds of gear, and opens and closes smoothly on large, durable rollers. No worries about loading your other cargo on top, the top deck is engineered to withstand up to 2000 pounds placed on top.

The Decked D-Box fits inside the drawers to maximize organization and portability. Use the tough, durable D-Box as a toolbox, or for whatever you need. You can fit dividers into a D-Box, and each drawer can also be fitted with dividers, and a D-Box can be fitted in each section of the drawer.

D-Boxes are also covered by a three-year limited warranty.

    Specifications: Decked Drawer System D-Box

    Length (in.) 20.5
    Width (in.) 17.5
    Height (in.) 8
    Weight (lbs.) 3
    Box Capacity (lbs.)


    The video shows how easy the Decked system is to install.

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