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Decked Drawer System Drain Plugs - Campervan HQ

Decked Drawer System Drain Plugs

  • $ 30.00

The Decked drawer system is a simple, easy-to-install storage system for your camper van. Install a set of our drain plugs, and the drawers will be waterproof.

Our drain plugs are designed to fit the molded-in recess found in the bottom (cabside) of your Decked drawers.* We include a gasket to provide a watertight seal. 

*The drain plug recesses (in the standard length drawers) are located out of reach. If you have questions, please email Decked before purchasing at

Note: Your van bed is designed to drain toward the cab, not the rear doors. That is why the drain plugs are cabside. However, if you prefer, you can drill a small hole in the rear door end of the drawers (there is a dimple to get your hole started) to create a simpler solution (but that will also create an opportunity for water intrusion).


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