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Decked Drawer System for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB

  • $ 1,499.99

Need storage for your Mercedes Sprinter camper van? The Decked drawer system is a bombproof, easy-to-install storage system for your Mercedes Sprinter camper van. Built of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with steel rails and steel reinforcement, each long drawer can hold 200 pounds of gear, and opens and closes smoothly on large, durable rollers. No worries about loading your other cargo on top, the top deck is engineered to withstand up to 2000 pounds placed on top.

With no drilling required, the Decked system installs in your Sprinter van in minutes with simple tools. Unlike wooden drawers and cabinetry, the drawers and deck don't scratch easily, and you can pile crampons, ice axes, climbing gear, bike parts, whatever you're carrying into the spacious drawers. For better organization, drawer dividers can be fitted into the drawers, or Decked D-Boxes, or both.

This is a quality product made in the USA.

Note: This drawer system does not fit the Winnebago Revel, as the Revel has a narrower and shorter rear area due to its custom rear moldings.

Key Features: Decked Drawer System for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB Van

  • Designed to fit 2007+ Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB cargo vans
  • Oversized cast aluminum handles make it easy to open the drawers with one hand, even wearing gloves.
  • Full bed-length drawers roll smoothly in dedicated channels on sealed bearing wheels. Drawers extend 48" for safety and ergonomics.
  • Drawers are weatherproof, keeping your gear dry.
  • Drawers can hold ice to keep your beverages cold (drain plugs sold separately).
  • Ammo cans provide four areas of additional storage on either side of the wheel wells, flip the lids and you have eight beverage holders or a handy place to store nuts, bolts, or screws when working on or near your van (ammo cans are not designed to be weatherproof or locked).
  • Stainless steel edge guard/ruler and a vert end guard/bottle opener.
  • Decked can handle UV light, moisture, and extreme heat or cold.
  • Once assembled, system can be removed in about 30 minutes.
  • Free shipping in the continental US! Ships nested via LTL freight
  • Three-year limited warranty.

Note: All product returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and return freight expenses. If the product has been opened and is not in its original condition, returns will be subject to costs associated with any repackaging and missing part replacement costs. Products which have be un-cartoned and assembled in any manner will not be eligible for any return.

Specifications: Decked Drawer System for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB Van

Drawer Length (in.) 61.4
Drawer Width (in.) 55.4
Drawer Height (in.) 12
Weight (lbs.) 228
Drawer Capacity (lbs.)
200 (each drawer)
Drawer System Capacity (lbs.) 2000 on top


Each Decked drawer system includes:

Documents: Decked Drawer System for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB Van

Decked Install Guide - Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB.

Video: Decked Drawer System for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB Van

Check out this review of the Decked drawer system for the Sprinter van.

The Decked Drawer system is made right here in the USA.


The video shows how easy the Decked drawer system is to install.

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