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Suburban NT-16SEQ RV Furnace (Direct Discharge)

  • $ 649.00

Need an RV furnace? The Suburban NT-16SEQ RV Furnace is a 16,000 BTU LP gas (propane) furnace. The "Q" stands for "quiet" - increasing the efficiency of the furnace blower to deliver more CFM allowed Suburban design engineers to lower the motor RPM, delivering the same amount of air at a substantially lower sound level. Estimates are that this is now 50% quieter than previous versions, and the power use has also been dropped from 3.1A to 2.8A.

This fuel-efficient furnace will keep your RV warm and comfortable. The NT-16SEQ model is a direct-discharge furnace, or choose the NT-16SQ model for a ducted furnace option.

Suburban RV Products is a unit of AirXCel, and has been building RV furnaces and water heaters for over 30 years. Their facility in Monticello, Minnesota is a registered ISO 9001 manufacturing shop.

This direct-discharge furnace is available in two versions, with either a:

  • white grilled access door
  • black composite grilled access door

Note: This does not include a wall thermostat, thermostat sold separately.


Key Features: Suburban NT-16SEQ RV Furnace (Direct Discharge)

  • LP gas (propane) furnace for small and mid-size RVs
  • front discharge through grille
  • extremely quiet operation
  • gasket-sealed vent assembly
  • energy-saving electronic ignition (no pilot light)
  • 2-year limited warranty.


Specifications: Suburban NT-16SEQ RV Furnace (Direct Discharge)

Heating capacity (BTU) 16000
Power Use (120VAC) 2.8A
Weight (lbs.) 25.5
Height (inches) 9.5
Width (inches) 9.4
Depth (inches) 22.5
Access Door White or Black



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