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Mercedes Striker 4x4 Sprinter Lift Kit (Stage 6)

  • $ 4,189.98

The Mercedes Striker 4x4 Sprinter Lift Kit (Stage 6) combines our Stage 2 suspension package with Striker 4x4 Sprinter 2.0” suspension lift system. The kit improves the ride quality of the van, provides clearance for larger tires, and offers additional ground clearance. 

The Striker system retains the stock vehicle suspension geometry, payload rating, and ride quality. All of the suspension lift system components are constructed of high-quality materials here in the USA and are powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance.

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Notes: 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter vans with adaptive cruise control are limited to 275/70/17 sized tires, even with this kit. Some 2019+ Sprinter vans with rear A/C are not compatible with our front shock mounts, please check the passenger side front wheel well for A/C lines under the plastic fender liner (Winnebago Revels do not have the A/C line run here).

Key Features: Mercedes Striker 4x4 Sprinter Lift Kit (Stage 6)

With this Mercedes Striker 4x4 Sprinter Lift Kit (Stage 6), 315/75/16 (35”) tires can be fitted with the following conditions met:

  • Removal of the front mudflaps
  • Slight trimming of the rear of the front fender
  • Trimming of the front bumper and front inner fender well liner.
  • Minimum of a 9/16” (14mm) wheel spacer installed on factory steel wheels with 54mm of offset or any other wheel that has comparable offset. This is for tire clearance between the inside of the tire and the strut and rear inner fender. ** Sold separately 
     This could be omitted with an additional 9/16” (14mm) offset and aftermarket wheels.

The Mercedes Striker 4x4 Sprinter Lift Kit (Stage 6) includes:

  • Front 2.0” strut spacer - 1/4” hot rolled steel
  • Front 2.0” subframe drop spacers - 4140 heat-treated Chromoly
  • Motor mount 2.0” lift spacer - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Transmission 2.0" lift spacer - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Steering shaft extension - 4140 heat-treated Chromoly
  • Low-pressure power steering hose extension
  • Front brake line relocation brackets
  • Rear 5 leaf mini spring pack
  • Rear sway bar links - 11/16" x .120 DOM and 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Rear lower shock mounts - 1/8" hot rolled steel 
  • Rear bump stop drop brackets - 1/8" hot rolled steel
  • Rear ride height headlight adjustment extension bracket - 1/8" hot rolled steel
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Front Falcon 2.25" shocks and mounting brackets
  • Front Sumo Springs
  • Rear Falcon 2.25" piggyback SP2 3.3 fast adjust shocks.

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