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Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005)

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Need to run two Firman generators in parallel? The Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005) lets you connect two parallel-capable Firman generators together to get the power you need, doubling the power output. The box contains two outlets, breakers for each, and a storage compartment for the integrated parallel cables.

Lightweight and portable, the Firman parallel kit (model 1005) includes two 30A receptacles for the most common RV power connections. Each receptacle is lit for easy use at any time of day, and is protected by its own circuit breaker.

Key Features: Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005)

  • Doubles generator power - Lets you connect any two Firman parallel-capable generators together to double your power output.
  • Portable - Small and lightweight box (5 lbs), easy to transport and store
  • Lighted outlets - LED lights under each outlet allow nighttime use.
  • Versatile - includes two 30A receptacles for typical RV power connections.
  • Limited 120-day warranty.

Specifications: Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005)

Part Type Parallel Kit for Firman Portable Inverter Generators
TT-30R (RV) outlet and L5-30R outlet
Weight (lbs.) 5.25
10.2" L x 9"W x 6.2"H
Receptacles 2 (30A)
Certifications EPA and CARB-certified.


Documents: Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005)

Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A) Owner's Manual

Video: Firman Generator Parallel Kit (30A, Model 1005)




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