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Magnum Mini Panel (MMP-250-60S)

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The Magnum Mini Panel is an excellent way to simplify wiring when you are installing a Magnum inverter in your electrical system. This enclosure comes prewired and set up with attachment points for many of the components you'll want to integrate into an electrical system using Magnum inverters. These include:

  • a large DC disconnect breaker for battery/inverter output (either 175A or 250A DC)
  • smaller single or dual AC breakers for pass-through capability (single 60A or dual 30A AC breakers)
  • multiple internal bus bars to simplify wiring
  • pre-installed inverter input and output breakers
  • a top slot for mounting of a compatible Magnum inverter
  • a front slot for mounting a Magnum remote control/display, like the Magnum ME-ARC50 or ME-RC50
  • optional "hood" for protection from the elements, while still allowing for airflow.

There are four different models of Magnum Mini Panel available to suit your electrical system, as shown in the table:

Model Number MMP250-30D MMP250-60S MMP175-30D MMP175-60S 
DC Breaker 250A 250A 175A 175A
AC Bypass 30A Dual 60A Single 30A Dual 60A Single


 As well as having some of the most modern, robust and reliable electronics technology going, Magnum inverters are US-made and US-supported. Magnum is headquartered in Everett, Washington. It's for all of these reasons that Magnum products are specified by commercial RV conversion companies like Sportsmobile.

Key Features: Magnum Mini Panel (MMP-250-60S)

  • Saves a huge amount of time and labor with many items already prewired and installed, including the inverter input breaker and inverter output breaker
  • Mini Panel accommodates one Magnum inverter
  • Ensures code-compliant installation
  • Using the Magnum Mini Panel for a Magnum inverter installation increases the Magnum inverter warranty from 3 years to 5 years
  • Magnum Mini Panels include mounting points for Magnum remote/display, Magnum battery monitoring kit, AC and DC circuit breakers
  • Provides protection from accidental contact, moisture, and dust for electrical components

Specifications: Magnum Mini Panel (MMP-250-60S)

Main DC Breaker 250A
Internal AC Breakers 1 x 60A AC breakers
Internal DC Breakers Can fit 8 DIN-rail  DC breakers
Inverter Compatibility Use with MS2012, MS2812, or MS4024 inverter
Continuous Watts Accommodates up to 4200W
Output Frequency Designed for 60 Hz inverter output
Dimensions 22” x 15” x 13”
Weight Depends on inverter
Certifications ETL-listed to CSA C22.2 #107.1-01UL1741


Documents: Magnum Mini Panel (MMP-250-60S)

Magnum Mini Panel Owner's Manual


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