2Tec2 High Tech Flooring - Shades (Stock)

  • $ 76.80 per linear ft.

Please allow 1 week lead time before shipping any cut length. Note: Sold by the linear foot. The minimum order is 3 feet.

Looking for High-Quality RV Flooring2Tec2 is the perfect choice for your van conversion. The sleek style and improved durability make this material a great fit for an outdoor adventure vehicle, whether you're a frequent weekend-traveler or you're living full-time in your van. Order  2TEC2 High Tech Flooring - Shades available from Campervan HQ.

2tec2 Commercial Flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard surface flooring with the acoustical benefits of soft floorings and carpets. The woven vinyl upper layer of 2tec2 Luxury flooring provides a sleek and modern look that echoes high-quality carpeting, but provides the cleanability of a hard surface flooring like vinyl, laminate or wood. Additionally, the Acoustic felt backing of 2tec2 luxury flooring dampens sound, reducing road and ambient noise inside your van.

2Tec2 High Tech Flooring - Shades patterns pair solids with an organic color variation or herringbone pattern for a modern and seamless look.

Note: Sold by the linear foot. The minimum order is 3 linear feet!

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Key Features: 2TEC2 High Tech Flooring - Shades

  • Rolls (width - 2 m): seamless installation, no cold welding
  • Design: innovative look, woven 3D structure
  • Maintenance: easy to clean - vacuuming and spot cleaning with water
  • Hygienic solutions: antibacterial, mold-free
  • Acoustic properties: 70% walking noise reduction
  • All 2tec2 floors come with comfort backing

    Specifications: 2TEC2 High Tech Flooring - Shades

    Warranty 10 Year*
    Composition 83% vinyl - 7% glass fiber - 10% PET
    Backing Acoustic backing 70% recycled PET
    Thickness ISO 1765 - 5mm
    Weight ISO 8543 - 9.93 Oz. Per Square Foot
    Roll Width EN ISO 24341 - 79"
    Roll Length 15 LB EN ISO 24341 - 98.4 Linear Feet
    Level Of Use 307 ASTM D5252
    - Heavy Commercial Use
    Foot Traffic Test ASTM D6119-12 - Heavy Traffic
    Castor Chair Suitability EN 985 - Continuous Use
    Reaction to Fire EN 13501-1ASTM E84 -
    Bfl-s1 Class 1 - A Rating
    • Longer life span than carpet and other
      soft floorings
    • Low TCO thanks to long life span
    • Easy cleaning without chemicals
    • Re-install without dust/damage or
      subfloor replacement
    Environment, Health and Safety


    *Terms and Conditions of warranty are available on request.


    • Due to the limitations of digital cameras and the inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolute replication of the product color. Color may vary slightly with each dye lot. 
    • All items on this listing are only available by special order. For questions, please contact customer service.
    • All sales of 2Tec2 materials are final and returns are not accepted when the material shipped and received is the product and quantity that was requested at time of ordering.
    • Returns are not accepted where color matching/estimation has been attempted using a computer/phone/tablet or other monitor.

    To purchase physical samples, please contact customer service

    Video: 2TEC2 High Tech Flooring - Shades


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