AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover

  • $ 125.00

Looking for an insulating cover for your camper van roof vent? AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover allows you to easily control your inside temperature with its easy to apply and remove design!

Each AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover comes with 8 metallic plates that allow magnets sewn inside each curtain to magnetize instantly! Simply loosen your vent cover (but don't fully remove!) and slide the metal pieces into each corner and on each side of your vent cover. Then tighten the vent cover and viola! Your vent is ready for your new magnetic curtain! Simply line up the magnets inside the curtain to each corner/side and you're set!

AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover works with both MaxxAir and Fan-Tastic Fan roof vents. 

This is ADF Sprinters exclusive part. Designed and manufactured in house and under strict quality control. 

Key Features: AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover

  • Universal - Fits almost all roof vents designed for 14" x 14"opening.
  • Blocks Light - blocks out exterior light for better sleep and privacy. Blocks out interior light to stay covert and under cover.
  • Reflects Heat - heat-reflecting fabric blocks 95% of radiant heat.
  • Durable - our outdoor performance fabric is water, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • No Installation Required - easy on/off with magnetic mount system.
  • Proudly made in the US.

Specifications: AVCo. Universal Roof Vent Insulating Cover

Dimensions (in)  16.5 x 16.5


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