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Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024 Software Upgrade Kit - Campervan HQ

Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024 Software Upgrade Kit

  • $ 90.00

Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL Software Upgrade Kit to DUO Ability
The Solar Boost 3024i is a 12/24V MPPT type Photovoltaic (PV) battery charge controller. It also includes an auxiliary output which can serve as a 20 amp load controller. The DUO-Option Diversion Control upgrade converts the 3024's 20 amp auxiliary output into a separate 20 amp diversion type charge controller.
The Diversion Control upgrade allows a 3024 to provide diversion type charge control for hydroelectric, wind or similar generator type power sources while at the same time and within the same unit providing MPPT type PV charge control. The Diversion Control upgrade also allows the 3024 to divert full available PV and generator power which is not required for battery charging to a useful purpose such as heating water.

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