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Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2019+) Roof Vent Fan Cover

  • $ 134.95

The roof vent is great for letting in light and providing ventilation, but for those quiet moments when privacy and insulation are needed the Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2019+), Roof Vent Fan Cover is perfect for your needs.

You can easily install the Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2019+) Roof Vent Fan Cover, its integrated magnets enable you to just stick it on. The foam core is removable and provides thermal protection and blocks out sound. It's also easy to pack away, as it lays flat. The black-out curtain effect keeps exterior light from disturbing your sleep while preserving your privacy. 

Key Features: Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2019+) Roof Vent Fan Cover 

  • Fits MaxxAir or Fantastic-Fan roof vents. 
  • Heat Reflecting - On the exterior-facing side, they're covered with Temptrol heat-reflecting fabric, which can block 95% of radiant heat.
  • Provides insulation to help allow your van to stay cool in warm areas while maintaining warmth in cold areas.
  • On the interior-facing side, they're covered with extruded polymer, fully moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant.
  • At their core, the 5mm closed-cell foam insert blocks heat in hot weather and helps retain interior warmth when it's cold out.

 Specifications: Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2019+) Roof Vent Fan Cover 

Length (in.) 17
Width (in.) 17
Height (in.)


Weight (oz.) 10
Fabric WeatherMax
Colors Silver exterior side, black interior side

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