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Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10')

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NOTE: These awnings are made to order. Due to the global pandemic, this item may take 8-16+ weeks to ship.

Looking for the best RV awning for your camper van? The Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10') is a great fit for all kinds of camper vans, including Sprinter, Transit and Promaster vans. Turn the area beside your van into your mobile patio, and give yourself protection from the rain and the sun.

The all-metal case includes innovative forged-steel shoulders that provide incredibly solid support for your awning, and the Dometic 9500 awning's single-piece assembly and lateral arms provide hassle-free installation and operation. Wind-tested in extreme conditions, with automatic rain shed, it will stand up to the toughest use.

This manual Dometic awning also has fast and flexible setup, even faster than an electric motor - the telescopic crank enables you to set up and take down the awning very quickly.

The Dometic 9500 manual 10' long x 8' wide awning comes with:

  • a black or white case
  • azure blue vinyl fabric

Note: This awning comes with a wall-mount bracket, so it's best attached to a van roof rack. No vehicle-specific adapters are currently available for this awning.

Key Features: Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10')

  • Ten foot length (suitable for 144"WB Sprinter)
  • Manual crank-out operation, easy and even faster than motorized version
  • Wind tested under extreme conditions
  • Lateral arms designed for heavy use
  • Forged steel shoulder brackets
  • Adjustable pitch from 0 to 20 degrees
  • All-metal case in white or black
  • Four-ply, double-sided azure blue vinyl fabric
  • No support arms or legs necessary, lateral arms in awning
  • Automatic rain shed prevents water from pooling
  • Brush seal cleans and seals fabric for storage
  • Side-mounted
  • 1-year warranty.

Note: This item is custom built to your specifications. Special-order items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Specifications: Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10')

Length (in.) 118.25"
Width (in.) 96"
Weight (lbs.) 26.4
Operation Manual Crank-Out
Awning Case All-metal, black or white
Awning Fabric Azure blue, double-sided vinyl


Documents: Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10')

Dometic 9500 Manual Case Awning Installation Instructions

Dometic 9500 Manual Case Awning Operation Instructions

Video: Dometic 9500 Case Awning for Vans (Manual, 10')

Check out the video comparing a Dometic awning against other awnings at a wind speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).








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