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Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU)

  • $ 1,320.00

Need an RV rooftop air conditioner for your camper van? The Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU) is a low-profile RV rooftop air conditioner with sleek, futuristic styling that offers premium comfort control and improved aerodynamics. With a low profile of under 10 inches (25.4 cm) in height, the sleek shroud reduces wind resistance while the vehicle is moving. A rib-reinforced base pan delivers lasting strength, while its R410A refrigerant is more eco-friendly and releases heat efficiently. Its high-performance motor and fan deliver first-class cooling performance. The Penguin II can be used for ducted and non-ducted cooling systems. The non-ducted application requires an Air Distribution Box, and this A/C unit also requires the Dometic CCC wall thermostat (both sold separately).

This version of the Penguin II is a heat pump: that is, it can operate in cooling or heating mode. In heating mode, it can quickly raise the temperature inside a van from 40ºF to 68ºF in 30 minutes. However, for lower ambient temperatures, you'll want to use a different heater.

    Not sure which air conditioner model to get? Use a BTU calculator to determine your cooling requirements. Calculate the interior dimensions of your space, your insulation level (because it's a van with windows and not much thermal mass, I'd select "poor"), and desired temperature increase - calculate the maximum cooling output you might ever need, and size your air conditioner to be capable of that.

    Note: This air conditioner weighs around 100 pounds. The roof opening must be reinforced on the interior with a wood or metal frame capable of supporting the weight of this A/C unit (see install guide). Lifting this unit onto the roof of the RV requires two people and/or mechanical assistance using a crane, forklift, etc. Typically you will need a 3000W generator or shore power to run this A/C unit. Shipping on this unit is $99.

    Key Features: Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU)

    • RV air conditioner and heat pump, can both heat and cool your RV (heat pump not effective at temperatures below 40ºF)
    • High-performance motor and fan
    • Low profile – 11 1/4" / 29 cm high
    • Sleek, contemporary shroud improves aerodynamics, reduces wind resistance
    • Ducted or non-ducted cooling
    • Requires Dometic air distribution board (ADB) and Dometic CCC2 wall thermostat (sold separately)
    • White shroud
    • Limited two-year warranty.

    Specifications: Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU)

    Type (A/C or Heat Pump) Heat pump
    Cooling Capacity (BTU) 13500  BTU 
    Running Cooling Watts (ISO 5151) 3956.46 W
    Locked Rotor Amps (LRA)
    Shroud Color White
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    40.5" x 29" x 11.25"
    Weight (lbs.) 101 lbs
    Manufacturer Part 651815HXX1C0-01


    Documents: Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU)

    Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU) Installation Instructions

    Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU) Installation and Operating Manual

    Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU) Replacement Instructions

    Videos: Dometic Penguin II RV Air Conditioner (13500 BTU)




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