Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU)

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Want to provide heating or cooling to your RV? The compact Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU) provides heating and cooling in small spaces. This makes for a great purchase for those who don't want to add height to your RV, or strength to support the unit. Its compact size allows it to be installed in a variety of places without taking much space. Lightweight and robust construction with simple installation. Temperature conveniently controlled by LCD thermostat (sold separately), the Cool Cat requires a CT thermostat (thermostat requires 12V power).

The Cool Cat is an efficient heat pump, able to provide both heating and cooling, even in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. With an intelligent soft-start capacitor like the Micro-Air EasyStart installed, the Cool Cat can be run with a small portable generator like the Honda EU2200i (see the video below). Use the drop-down to select the model you want:

  • Park Model - includes transformer to convert 110VAC power to 12VDC power for thermostat, designed for mobile homes.
  • Camper Model - no transformer included, designed for RVs.

Note: Exterior grilles and interior grilles for the Cool Cat are sold separately, not included.

Key Features: Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU)

  • Under bunk/counter installation maximizes interior space options
  • Comes with main heating/cooling unit, interior grille and exterior grille sold separately.
  • Slinger fan system increases the condenser efficiency
  • 10,500 BTU/h cooling capacity
  • Efficient heating at 30 °F ambient temperature controlled by an LCD thermostat
  • Compact size with a small footprint for use in tight spaces
  • Lightweight, robust construction with simple installation
  • Easy access, washable micro-weave air filter
  • Pre-installed CT control board, CT thermostat required.
  • Under the cabinet heat pump, can be used in tent campers or other RVs when rooftop install is not desired.

Note: The Cool Cat will typically require a portable generator and an inverter to run in your camper. It requires AC power for the main unit, and DC power for the thermostat.

Specifications: Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU)

Type  Cool Cat
Cool Cat SZLCD Tent 
Dimensions (H x W x D)
14.5 x 22" x 20.5
Weight (lbs.) 67 lbs
Model on label 441003AXX1
Cool Only or Heat Pump Heat Pump
Input voltage (AC) 115 V
Input frequency 60 Hz
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 2972 W
Heating capacity (ISO 5151) 2326 W
Power consumption - Cooling Mode (ISO 5151) 1330 W
Power consumption - Heat pump (ISO 5151) - Display 1048 W
Manufacturer Part 3310742.014


Documents: Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU)

Dometic RV Air Conditioner Cool Cat (10,500 BTU) Installation Instructions

Video: Dometic Cool Cat RV Air Conditioner (10,500 BTU)

The video showcases some of Dometic's best RV air conditioners, including the Dometic Cool Cat.



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