EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower


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Introducing the EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower, the industry's first automated solution for effortless lawn care. Say goodbye to tedious yard work and let BLADE take care of your lawn, from trimming to sweeping, with cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

With the BLADE Lawn Sweeping Kit, you can achieve a pristine yard without the hassle. Attach the kit to remove leaves, sticks, and waste, leaving your lawn looking immaculate. EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower takes care of the hard work while you relax and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

Experience the convenience of wire-free boundaries with BLADE's virtual boundary-setting technology. Say goodbye to laying time-consuming wire barriers. Using the EcoFlow app, you can set BLADE's mowing limits within minutes. Define the boundaries of your yard, avoid specific objects, or even link multiple lawns effortlessly. Editable boundaries make it easy to adapt if you move or make changes to your landscape.

BLADE's X-Vision technology ensures smart obstacle avoidance. By combining visual sensors and LiDAR, BLADE intelligently detects and avoids obstacles of all sizes, from lawn furniture to delicate plants. Enjoy seamless mowing with automatic route planning. Thanks to Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning technology, BLADE dynamically adjusts its path to navigate around debris with precision, never missing a cut.

Designed for enhanced cutting performance, EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower offers an industry-first design with a wider cutting width of over 10.25 inches, allowing it to cover more ground in less time. The 8-inch omnidirectional front wheels provide agility and maneuverability. With a cutting range between .75-3 inches, BLADE ensures optimal grass length for a well-maintained lawn.

Security and durability are paramount. EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower features anti-theft measures with 4G, GPS, and an integrated eSim, allowing you to track its location at all times. Its waterproof design ensures durability even in challenging weather conditions. BLADE is easy to clean and maintain, providing hassle-free operation.

Maximize the potential of your BLADE with the EcoFlow Lawn Sweeper Kit. This kit allows BLADE to sweep your lawn while mowing, collecting leaves, waste, sticks, and more automatically, further enhancing the cleanliness and beauty of your yard.

No AC outlet nearby? No problem. With the Smart Extra Battery, you can power your BLADE Charging Station anywhere. Even in remote locations, you can rely on clean, renewable energy by connecting solar panels to run BLADE effortlessly.

Experience the future of lawn care with the EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower. Embrace the convenience, precision, and effortless maintenance it offers, transforming your yard into a stunning outdoor oasis. Sit back, relax, and let BLADE take care of the rest.

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Key Features: EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Industry's First Robotic Lawn Sweeping Mower
  • Wire-free Boundaries
  • X-Vision Obstacle Avoidance
  • Wide Cutting Range
  • Anti-theft
  • Rain Sensor
  • Comprehensive After-sales Services
  • 3-year warranty.

What’s in the box?

- EcoFlow BLADE
- Power adapter
- GNSS Antenna
- Other Accessories
- Charging Station
- Quick Start Guide

Specifications: EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower


Product Type Robotic Lawn Mower
Brand EcoFlow
Net Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 25.98 x 17.32 x 12.20 in
IP Rating IPX5
Sensor IMU Sensor, Lift Sensor, Rain Sensor, Wheel Encoder, Lidar, Camera
Cutting Width 10.25 in
Cutting Height 0.75-3.00 in
Fully-Charged Working Time 240 min
Climbing Ability 27°
Vertical Obstacle Climbing 1.57 in
Recharging Time 130 min
Refrigeration Power Rating GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS
Bluetooth Channel 2400-2483.5MHz
Charging Station Input Voltage 36V
Charging Station Input Current 5A
Charging Station Output Voltage 25.2V DC Max
Charging Station Output Current 7A Max

Documents: EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower

EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower User Manual

Videos: EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower





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