EcoFlow LFP Battery Polarity Adapter


  • $ 69.00

Want to use EcoFlow LFP batteries with a non-EcoFlow power system? You can use the EcoFlow LFP Battery Polarity Adapter to connect EcoFlow batteries to a third-party power system, they're compatible with most commercially-available 40V~60V third-party power systems. You can monitor the operating status of each battery by connecting the EcoFlow Power Kit Console or EcoFlow Wireless Communication Dongle via the RJ45 port.

Each EcoFlow LFP Battery Polarity Adapter comes with two RJ45 CAN Bus ports, each port can be connected to EcoFlow Wireless Communication Dongle, Power Kit Console or another adapter. When two or more battery packs are connected and the RJ45 CAN Bus port is not connected to either of the above modules, an RJ45 CAN bus terminator MUST be connected to the port to ensure proper communication throughout the system.

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Key Features: EcoFlow LFP Battery Polarity Adapter


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