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Ford Transit (2020+) Awd Front 3/16″ Wheel Spacers - Campervan HQ

Ford Transit (2020+) AWD Front 3/16″ Wheel Spacers

  • $ 70.00

Need more clearance for a Ford Transit AWD van with maximum tire size? We have the perfect product for you. These 3/16" thick, stainless steel wheel spacers provide just a little more clearance for Ford Transit AWD vans running the max sized tires. These install over the wheel studs. There is still enough lip on the hub to keep a hub centric wheel mounting surface. Recommended for front end application only. 

Note: Sold in pairs.

Key Features: Ford Transit (2020+) AWD Front 3/16″ Wheel Spacers

  • Fits Ford Transit 2020+ AWD vans
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Provide more clearance
  • For front end application only
  • 3/16 "thick
  • Proudly made in the USA by VanCompass.

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