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Ford Transit 3500 HD Lift Kit (Front & Rear)

  • $ 1,700.00

Need a lift kit for your Ford Transit dual rear wheel van? With the Terrain Ford Transit 3500 HD lift kit, your Ford Transit van will take you farther on your next overland adventure than you have ever gone before. The Terrain bolt-on Transit 2.5" suspension lift system provides clearance for up to a 33" tire*, allowing for higher ground clearance off-road, and helping you avoid obstacles on the trail when headed to your next camp.

The Terrain system retains the Transit's suspension and rake, keeping the OEM vehicle geometry, payload rating and ride quality unchanged. This system will equip your van with a lifted, level stance.

All of the suspension lift system components are constructed of high-quality materials here in the USA, and are powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance.

This product includes free shipping in the continental US.

Note: When you order, please also send us a note confirming your model of vehicle for fitment, for example:

  • 2018 Ford Transit 3500HD 148"WB high-roof cargo van
  • or if an RV what make and model and on what chassis type and model year, for example 2018 Winnebago Fuse on 2017 Transit cab chassis, 3.2-liter diesel engine. Some RVs already have rear axle lift blocks; if yours does, please let us know that as well.

Key Features: Ford Transit 3500 HD Lift Kit (Front & Rear)

  • Provides 2.5 inch lift over stock Ford Transit suspension
  • Fits 2015+ Ford Transit van DRW (dual-rear-wheel) models, including 148" and 148"EL wheelbases, will not fit 2020 Ford Transit AWD
  • Front strut spacers - 1/4" hot rolled steel
  • Front subframe drop brackets - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Front bumper support brackets - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Steering shaft extension - 4140 heat treated steel
  • Steering rack shim - 1/8" hot rolled steel
  • Rear 2" lift blocks - 1/4" hot rolled steel
  • Rear bump stop extensions - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Rear 1/2" lift shackles - 1/4" hot rolled steel  
  • Longer u-bolts
  • Black powder-coated components
  • All hardware
  • Installation instruction packet

Recommended tire size for stock wheels - 215/85/16 or 205/80/16. This is the tallest tire and widest that works on the stock wheel without much risk of the tires touching. Wider/taller tires can be installed, but you risk the tires touching at the bottom (see this excellent Four Wheeler article about measuring your rig for custom offroad wheel and tire sizes).

You can install this lift kit yourself with hand tools, or any auto shop or professional mechanic can do the job for you. Install time varies with tools and experience, but estimate around 8-10 hours for DIY install, 4-6 hours for professional install.

Key Features: Ford Transit 3500 HD Lift Kit (Front & Rear)

Ford Transit Lift Kit (Front) Installation Instructions

Ford Transit Lift Kit (Rear) Installation Instructions

Note: Modification to the steering shaft boot can potentially result in a slight increase of engine noise in the cabin of van. See front kit installation instructions for details.

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