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Ford Transit Bilstein B6 Strut Kit - Campervan HQ

Ford Transit Bilstein B6 Strut Kit 2015+

  • $ 245.00

When you are lifting or upgrading your Ford Transit RWD suspension for a better ride, there is no better option than the Bilstein B6 Front Strut Kit. Pair these with a set of custom-tuned Fox rear shocks for a great improvement in ride quality. 

These struts feature a monotube design that provides consistent fade-free performance. Bilstein B6 struts utilize a unique, velocity-sensitive, digressive piston that reacts to changing road conditions. All B6 struts are tuned to assure optimal performance is achieved. Bilstein B6 Front Strut Kit offers a significant improvement in ride quality, handling, and comfort.

Note: Ford Transit Bilstein B6 Struts are sold as a pair. Bilstein B4 and B6 struts are not recommended for Transit AWD vans. For Ford Transit AWD models, the Bilstein strut body is approximately ¼” longer than the OEM strut. This means that at full droop, the suspension is at a total of +1.0” of extended downward travel which does put the passenger side CV joint into a slight bind.  We cannot guarantee optimum CV life with this setup. 

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