Vanmade Gear Ford Transit Passenger Slider Door Window Cover

  • $ 235.00

Looking for a window cover for your Transit camper van? Tired of your nice big windows burning up your interior? This Ford Transit Passenger Slider Door Window Cover is the solution for your Transit slider door window! We use a special insulation layer that works wonders to maintain your van's interior temps. We build your gear with the best materials we can find, including durable nontoxic ripstop coverings and Low-E SSR aluminum-backed insulation. This means that UV rays and 97% of radiant heat gets blocked out on a hot day, so you can hang out inside. It also means that in the winter you can warm up the van and trust that our shades will keep the heat in better than any others.

Note: FREE SHIPPING in lower 48 US states.

Key Features: Ford Transit Passenger Slider Door Window Cover

  • Fits Transit 2015+ vans
  • Easy installation & no drilling required
  • Uses the vehicle's sun visors to stay up
  • Durable construction - UV & water-repellent materials
  • Low-e insulation - blocks 97% of radiant heat
  • Lifetime warranty & satisfaction guarantee
  • Proudly made in the US

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