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Ford Transit Rear Mini 5 Leaf Spring Pack (2015-Present)

  • $ 600.00

As a vehicle approaches its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), the rear suspension will naturally begin to sag, and ride quality will begin to suffer. The Ford Transit van is no different. This Rear Mini 5 Leaf Spring Pack (2015-Present) installs under the factory leaf springs and can increase ride height from 1" to 1.5" depending on the vehicle's weight distribution when installing 3 of the 5 springs. Install all 5 springs to get 2-2.25" inches of lift. The increase in spring rate gained by this leaf pack along with the additional clearance between the bump stop and axle will reduce the chances of bottoming out, enhance vehicle stability, ride comfort and restore the factory look of the van. This product is designed to improve ride and handling while at or near GVWR, however, we do not recommend exceeding the manufacturer's GVWR. All new hardware is included with this kit. New longer U-bolts, washers, and locking nuts ship with the springs.

For Quigley and Quadvans that are designed with a built-in 2” lift from their respective 4x4 conversion, all 5 leaf springs can be installed to replace the rear lift block installed by Quigley / Quadvan. These can be added to Van Compass Terrain 2wd 2.5" lifted vans by removing the lift block. The full 5 leaf pack will retain or in most cases lift the van an additional ½-1” from its current height. Again, a drastic improvement in vehicle stability and ride comfort can be expected for a fully loaded/built out 4wd Transit. The driver can expect a much more sporty feel and less side to side rocking when traversing uneven bumps both on and off-road. Pair this spring pack with our custom-tuned rear Fox shocks to achieve the ultimate in ride and handling comfort for the Ford Transit.

Compatible will all Transits that have 2 factory leaf springs per side. 3500HD vans have an additional overload spring that will not work with this kit.

The Ford Transit Rear Mini 5 Leaf Spring Pack (2015-Present) includes:

  • Rear 5 leaf mini spring pack
  • Hardware kit with new u-bolts

Documents: Ford Transit Rear Mini 5 Leaf Spring Pack (2015-Present)

Ford Transit Rear Mini 5 Leaf Spring Pack Instructions

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