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Ford Transit Roof Rack - Campervan HQ

Ford Transit Roof Rack

  • $ 1,395.00

A roof rack may be the most useful modification that you can make to your Ford Transit camper van. Our Ford Transit Roof Racks are the perfect spot to carry long and bulky cargo and accessories. They can also be used as a sleeping platform on hot nights, a perch to enjoy the sunset in your favorite lawn chair, or a photgraphy platform.

Key Features: Ford Transit Roof Rack

  • Aluminess can build custom surfboard racks, ladder racks, kayak racks, or expedition racks.
  • Working around vents and AC’s mounted to the roof can be easily done, as well.
  • For added functionality, solar panels, lights, satellite dishes, and other accessories can all be mounted to your roof rack.
  • Each rack is custom-made to your specific application and specifications that work for you.
  • The best part of our all-aluminum design is that it is very light weight, which greatly reduces swaying and improves drivability.
  • Designed for the 2015+ Ford Transit van

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