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Ford Transit Sumo Spring Rear Bump Stop (2015+) - 1500Lb

  • $ 249.99

The Ford Transit Sumo Spring Rear Bump Stop (2015+) 1500Lb  replaces the factory rear bump stops. It contacts the rear axle sooner to increase the rear suspension spring rate while still compressing to the height of the factory bump stop. Suspension travel is not reduced. The additional spring rate reduces sway, improves control in high winds and comfort while the suspension cycles. Recommended for vans that carry heavy loads most of the time or tow trailers. The additional spring rate will reduce the rear suspension sag when loaded. These pair great with our rear tuned Fox shocks for a complete change in ride dynamics.

All SumoSprings are manufactured from proprietary closed microcellular urethane with materials density, tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance, rebound, and compression characteristics designed specifically to suit drivers’ applications. Made in the USA.

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