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Ford Transit Topo 2.0 Front Leveling Kit (2013+)

  • $ 505.00

Improve the ride quality and stance of your Ford Transit with the Topo 2.0 Front Leveling Kit (2013+), developed specifically to work around the packaging and front CV shaft constraints presented with the 2020 AWD Transit platform, this kit is compatible with both RWD and AWD Transit models from 2013-present to deliver a true 2.0” of quality suspension lift.  This kit fits single and dual rear wheel vans.

The Topo 2.0 kit consists of two critical components to achieve a true 2.0” of front lift, improving ground clearance and maintaining factory alignment specifications.  The first component is a carefully engineered 1” lift coil, of which we have two options; Blue Coil – Factory Spring Rate; Red Coil – HD Spring Rate.  The blue coil retains the factory spring rate and returns the same plush ride as OEM while sitting 1” higher in the suspension travel for an increased 1” of compression travel.  For heavily built out camper vans and T-350 models nearing GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), we developed our HD Red Coil with a 10 % spring rate increase over stock to better handle the additional weight while still maintaining a true 1.0” of lift.

For optimum ride quality improvement, pair the Topo 2.0 front kit with a Bilstein B6 strut for an additional ½” of lift and a great improvement in damping control.  The Bilstein B6 strut has the coil spring perch welded onto the strut body at a ½” higher height than the factory strut which preloads the coil spring an additional ½” for slightly more lift.  The one disclaimer we must specify for AWD models is the Bilstein strut body is approximately ¼” longer than the OEM strut which means at full droop the suspension is at a total of +1.0” of extended downward travel which does put the passenger side CV joint into a slight bind.  We cannot guarantee optimum CV life with this setup. 

We recommend running a maximum tire size of 265/75/16 with this suspension package.  This tire size will require some slight trimming of the inner pinch seam, details of which are covered in the instructions for this kit.  With a Bilstein B6 strut, an astounding 12-3/4” of ground clearance is achieved under the center of the front suspension cross member with this tire size. 

Notes: Spring lift heights will vary due to weight but we typically see 1.25” of lift out of our Transit springs over the factory springs.

• Proudly made in the USA by VanCompass

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