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Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV Induction Cooktop

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Want a quality induction cooktop for your RV? Induction cooking heats a pot or pan by magnetic induction, instead of thermal conduction from a flame (like a propane cooktop), or an electrical heating element (like a typical electric stove). An induction cooktop is very efficient and safe: all the heat used goes into the cooking vessel and is not lost to the kitchen, it can be turned off instantly and the cooktop stays cool, so you won't burn yourself accidentally and it's easier to clean after spills.

This Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV induction cooktop is an 1800W 120VAC cooktop which includes Loadsmart Dual Burners, with a power management system which balances load between each zone. It's Sensor Touch conductive controls make operation quick and easy, and it has Auto-pan Detection Safety features, with induction zones which automatically switch off when no pan is detected.

Key Features: Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV Induction Cooktop


  • Timer: up to 180 minutes with hold touch settings
  • 11 temperature control settings
  • Temperature range: 150-450 degrees F
  • LED temperature display
  • 15A max draw power sharing
  • Auto-pan detection function
  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • Childproof lock
  • Complete control


Specifications: Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV Induction Cooktop


Length (in.) 27.5
Width (in.) 11
Height (in.) 5.5
Weight (lbs.) 15.7
Voltage 120 VAC
Power 1800W, 15A


Documents: Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV Induction Cooktop

Furrion FIH2ZEA BG Operating and Installation Instructions


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