Guzzle H2O Water Filtration System: Expedition Bundle

  • $ 2,016.00

Need a water filtration system for your camper van? Check out the Guzzle H2O Water Filtration System: Expedition Bundle. Guzzle H2O drinking water systems purify and filter water to provide you with the best tasting, cleanest water possible. Our carbon block water filter removes contaminants and impurities by physically screening them out. Our UV-C LED water purifier disinfects the water, removing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. All in a single device. All at the push of a button. No pumping, no waiting.

We gathered our most popular Stream combinations into bundles. The Guzzle H2O Water Filtration System: Expedition Bundle is the most popular and includes a Stream, an extra cartridge, and a 30' outlet hose which allows you to park a bit further from your water source when filling up your tanks. Cover all of your drinking water needs with the Guzzle H2O Water Filtration System: Expedition Bundle!

Filter and purify water at point-of-use from onboard your vehicle with the Stealth. Refill your vehicle's tanks with the Stream. The Guzzle H2O Expedition Bundle is the ultimate kit for off-grid living, overland expeditions, and dispersed camping.


- Guzzle H2O Stream w/12v charger AND a 100/240v charger
- Guzzle H2O Stealth
- 30' outlet hose
- 2 carbon block replacement cartridges


The Stream is our best selling portable water purifier and filter. The Stream can pump, filter, and purify water from mountain creeks, rushing rivers, lakes, and more. The Stream also connects to existing water sources to purify and filter city or campground water for better taste and less chemicals.

The Stealth is our built-in system. Install the Stealth in your van, overland vehicle, boat, or trailer to filter and purify your built-in tank's water.

Best uses for:

- overlanding
- vanlife
- fishing
- hunting
- rafting
- camping
- emergency preparedness

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