JRD Victron Adventure Van Power System

  • $ 16,049.00

Need a professionally developed power system for your camper van? The JRD Victron Adventure Van Power System was developed for adventurers and full-timers by Victron Ambassador and Trainer Sam Reiser. This well-engineered drop-in solution enables you to travel safely with confidence.

This Victron Energy power system includes the following:

  • Expandable battery bank  - Our system can support 2-4 Victron 200 Amp-hour (Ah) Smart Lithium Batteries giving you battery bank capacity from 400-800 Ah. These batteries are superior to competitors in several ways:
·       High energy density - They have the same energy density as most 100 Ah drop-in batteries, meaning you get double the power for the same footprint.
·       Communication with the system - Using a physical connection to the BMS allows for closed loop communication. The BMS takes control of the system for greater efficiency and safety. 
·       Bluetooth connectivity - The VictronConnect app gives you warnings and updates about battery health in real time. 
·       Superior discharge current - The Victron 200 Ah Smart Lithium batteries can discharge at 400 continuous amps allowing you to support large DC loads and inverters. 
  • A Victron 3000VA Hybrid Inverter Charger gives you the ability to power an induction cookstove, air conditioner, tools and more. When you are plugged into shore power, it also allows you the ability to charge your battery bank
  • A 50-amp Solar Charge Controller allows for up to 640 watts of solar on your camper. 
  • 60 amps of DC-DC charging from the alternator.
  • 16 dedicated DC circuits to supply power to loads such as your fridge, heating system, lights, USB charge ports and more!
  • 4 dedicated AC circuits including a 20-amp breaker for high loads such as an induction cookstove
  • Full monitoring via the Victron Connect app as well as the Cerbo and Touch GX touch screen giving you the information to make educated decisions. You can also add auxiliary sensors for temperature and water tank level. 
  • Alternator upgrade option with a pre wired and programmed Wakespeed alternator regulator installed in the box to work with a Nations Starter and Alternator 280 amp dedicated secondary alternator. 

This power system ships to you completely assembled and wired (with the exception of the batteries), ready for installation into your Mercedes Sprinter camper van. Upon arrival you will need to connect positive and negative lines to the batteries, make your solar, alternator and shore power connections and then crimp on your AC and DC loads.

    Note: Currently we support integrating these drop-in complete power systems into Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB and 170"WB camper vans with the 3-liter diesel engine - contact us for other supported vehicle models. Pictures show a standard box with Hex-Ply black-faced plywood, and a custom box in walnut.

    IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use a stock factory alternator to supply directly into a lithium bank - if you do want a lithium-specific second alternator, do not order a vehicle with two stock alternators.

    Maintenance: Fully charge your batteries every 2-4 weeks, allowing for cell rebalancing. If leaving for an extended period of time, turn off your DC loads via the dedicated breaker and switch inverter to charger-only mode with it plugged into shore power. Make sure that the AC current limit is set to 13 amps. 


    Local installation is available in Portland, Oregon through our partner and product developer Just Roaming Design:

    • Power system install: $2,500
    • Power system install with additional secondary alternator: $4,500

    This includes the following:

    • Shore power hook up with Smart Plug and adapter
    • Pre wire for RV solar panels, including the penetration and marine-grade cable entry
    • Alternator charging hook up with correct overcurrent protection off of the starter battery
    • AC and DC wires connected and tested
    • Installation and programming of the GX Touch 50 touch monitor  
    • All systems tested and operational

    Note: Installation does not include wiring your van. If you need us to assist with this, please let us know when purchasing.

    Key Features: JRD Victron Adventure Van Power System

    • Full AC/DC input/output, including shore power, solar power, charging from primary alternator, and optional secondary alternator
    • 400-800 Ah  Victron Smart Lithium Batteries 
    • Victron Multiplus 12V 3000VA inverter/charger
    • 60 amps of DC-DC Charging (720 watts) provided through paralleled Victron Orion 12/12-30 chargers
    • Victron 100/50 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller produces maximum power for your RV solar panels (solar panels sold separately)
    • Shore power reverse polarity protection provided by 30A SmartPlug with 15A adapter included
    • Panels with 4 AC and 16 DC circuit breakers
    • Master disconnect
    • Cerbo GX communications hub communicates with all components via Bluetooth, feeding all data for display on GX Touch 50 full-color touchscreen
    • Programmed by a Victron certified professional
    • Each box is tested before leaving our facility.
    • Boxes are custom-built, so lead time is typically 4-6 weeks.
    • This is a large item that must ship truck freight, shipping is $899. You can save shipping by picking up in Portland, use the discount code PORTLANDPICKUP.

    Specifications: JRD Victron Adventure Van Power System

     Sprinter 144''WB Dimensions (in) L 62'' x W 18'' x H 25''
     Sprinter 170''WB Dimensions (in) L 53'' x W 18'' x H 25''


    Cancellation: JRD Victron Adventure Van Power System

    Cancellation - We begin material procurement for all Adventure Van Power Systems as soon as we receive your order. If you cancel the order at any time, you will be refunded 50% of the purchase price.

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