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Lifeline AGM Deep-Cycle RV Battery, GPL-L16T 6V 400AH - Campervan HQ

Lifeline AGM Deep-Cycle RV Battery, GPL-L16T 6V 400AH

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Lifeline AGM batteries are an excellent choice for deep-cycle batteries for your RV. US-made by Concorde in West Covina, California, these batteries are used by the US military and US Coast Guard and meet strict military standards for durability. AGM (VRLA) batteries like these are much superior to standard flooded lead-acid batteries:

  • much less internal resistance, so they accept a higher charge rate
  • not as prone to sulfation, the major battery killer, because the electrolyte solution is mostly absorbed in the mats
  • also because the electrolyte solution is mostly absorbed in the mats, this makes them more temperature-tolerant, they do not freeze and burst like flooded batteries at low temperatures
  • less self-discharge (only 2% per month at 77°F (25°C))
  • more charge cycles possible during the battery's lifetime
  • much longer life!

Note: Free shipping in the continental US for these Lifeline batteries, and the minimum order is 2 batteries.

For details on how AGM batteries stack up against other battery designs/chemistries for use as deep-cycle RV batteries, see our RV Battery Buying Guide.

 When using these batteries in your RV:

  • These batteries are sealed and should not off-gas, but it’s still prudent to put them in a sealed battery box, vented to the outside.
  • Since they are sealed batteries, they should typically not be equalized, as this causes off-gassing of poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas. However, Concorde mentions (in the Lifeline Technical Manual) that if the batteries have consistently been left at a low state of charge and are not retaining a charge well, you can equalize them (what they refer to as a "conditioning charge"). Per directions in the Lifeline manual, you should first go through a full charge cycle, then (at a battery temperature of 77°F), apply a conditioning charge of 15.5 volts (for a 12V battery) for 8 hours.
  • Ensure you use a quality three-stage charger/charge controller set with the correct voltage set points for this battery model, as shown in the battery specifications.

Specifications: Lifeline AGM Deep-Cycle RV Battery, GPL-L16T 

Length (in.)  11.7
Width (in.) 7.0
Height (in.) 15.7
Weight (lbs.) 119 
Voltage 6 VDC
Capacity 400 AH @ 20 hour rate
Bulk Charge Voltage 14.20 - 14.60 V
Absorption Charge Voltage 14.20 - 14.60 V
Float Voltage 13.10 - 13.40 V
Approvals MIL-SPEC B8565J, FAR 23.1353


Video: Lifeline AGM Battery Features and Advantages


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