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Magnum Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK)

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The Magnum Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK) enables you to have a single battery bank amp-hour meter that monitors and provides important information about the condition of the battery. This information will let you know how much energy you have available, and let you plan your electrical usage to ensure the battery is not being over-discharged.

The Magnum battery monitor can give you the following information about your battery bank:

  • State of Charge (SOC) 0 - 100%
  • DC volts
  • DC amps
  • Amp hours in/out
  • Resettable amp hours out
  • Total amp hours out
  • Minimum volts DC
  • Maximum volts DC
  • Temperature compensated
  • Auto detects input voltage

The ME-BMK is easy to install and is designed to be networked with a Magnum Energy inverter/charger using a remote (ME-RC50 or ME-ARC50) or router (ME-RTR) to display  information about your battery bank.

The ME-ARC or the ME-RC remote/displays can be mounted in the front slot on a Magnum Mini Panel like the Magnum MMP250-60S, and the ME-BMK can be mounted inside the mini panel. Both of these remotes are compatible with Magnum MS-series inverter/chargers like the MS2000, MS2012 and MS2812. 

As well as having some of the most modern, robust and reliable electronics technology going, Magnum inverters and accessories are US-made and US-supported. Magnum is headquartered in Everett, Washington. It's for all of these reasons that Magnum products are specified by commercial RV conversion companies like Sportsmobile.

Key Features: Magnum Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK)

The Magnum ME-BMK kit includes:

  • Sense module 
  • DC shunt 50mv/500 amp shunt (not included in the ME-BNK-NS kit)
  • Twisted pair wire 5’ length, 18 AWG wire
  • Communication cable 10’ length, 4-conductor, telephone standard

    Documents: Magnum Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK)

    Magnum Battery Monitor Kit Owner's Manual


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