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Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2007+) Stage 6.5 Suspension Package With Falcon aDAPT E-Adjust Shocks

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Mercedes 4x4 Sprinters are very capable and versatile vehicles, however many Sprinters have stiff factory ride over small bumps and extreme swaying on uneven ruts. Designed for the 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 van, this Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2007+) Stage 6.5 Suspension Package With Falcon aDAPT E-Adjust Shocks is a revolutionary industry first brought to you by the team at Van Compass. This kit combines our Stage 2.5 kit with our proven Striker 2.0" lift kit to deliver the ultimate in Sprinter suspension performance and appearance. Van Compass is the only place you can get fully active suspension for your 4WD Sprinter van and fit up to a 35" tall tire.

The Falcon aDAPT e-ADJUST system is not only adjustable at the touch of a button from the drivers seat, but with the included computer module, this suspension package is fully active and automatically transitions the shocks from soft to firm in a fraction of a second depending on driver inputted G-thresholds set using your smart phone and Falcon’s app. Combined with a front Sumo Spring and rear 5 leaf mini spring pack to bump up the spring rate and increase the rear ride height 2 full inches, this kit transforms the Sprinter van driving experience from a simple, lumbering cargo van to a fully active, canyon carving, dirt road munching, adventure machine! 

A van that is racking up highway miles, loaded to the gills with all the adventure toys and amenities of home will want to have a firm but still compliant suspension set-up to deal with windy days, 2 lane highways with semi-trailers ripping by, and twisty mountain roads. Take that same vehicle, and turn off the highway onto some rough forest roads in search of that high mountain lake or perfect creekside campsite, and having the suspension set to a softer setting for maximum compliance and control to keep the occupants comfortable with vehicle sway minimized. This new Electronic Falcon Shock package does all of that, within reach of the drivers seat!  

So how exactly does this Van Compass Stage 6.5 aDAPT e-ADJUST suspension package work?

  • There are three settings which can be selected from the in-cab control switch to adjust the shocks on the vehicle: Soft, Firm, Auto. In Auto setting, the aDAPT Control Module automatically switches from Soft to a manually preselected Firm setting based on driver selectable minimum “G” threshold. This G threshold and duration is selected using the Falcon app.  Multiple preset “Auto” programs can be created and saved for different driving conditions.
  • The aDAPT Control Module adjustment parameters are: forward acceleration, lateral acceleration, braking. Each parameter is set individually.
  • The Firm mode duration can be set between 1-5 seconds.
  • The desired Firm setting of the shock itself is preselected manually on each shock using the 8-position dial.

Key Features: Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2007+) Stage 6.5 Suspension Package With Falcon aDAPT E-Adjust Shocks

  • Front Falcon 2.315" piggy back SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust shock and mounting system
  • Front 4x4 Sprinter Sumo Springs
  • Rear Falcon 2.315" piggy back SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Shocks
  • aDAPT Computer Control Module
  • Power & Shock Wiring Harnesses, specific to the 4wd Sprinter platform
  • 3 position switch with Sprinter specific dash housing
  • Dust boots for all 4 shocks
  • Front 2.0” strut spacer - 1/4” hot rolled steel
  • Front 2.0” subframe drop spacers - 4140 heat treated chromoly
  • Motor mount 2.0” lift spacer - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Transmission 2.0" lift spacer - 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Steering shaft extension - 4140 heat treated chromoly
  • Low pressure power steering hose extension
  • Front brake line relocation brackets
  • Rear 5 leaf mini spring pack
  • Rear sway bar links - 11/16" x .120 DOM and 3/16" hot rolled steel
  • Rear lower shock mounts - 1/8" hot rolled steel 
  • Rear bump stop drop brackets - 1/8" hot rolled steel
  • Rear ride height headlight adjustment extension bracket - 1/8" hot rolled steel
  • All necessary hardware and instructions for a simple installation
  • Proudly made in the USA by VanCompass

With the Stage 6.5 kit 315/75/16 (35”) tires can be fitted with the following conditions met:

  • Removal of the front mudflaps
  • Slight trimming of the rear of the front fender
  • Trimming of the front bumper and front inner fender well liner.
  • Minimum of a 9/16” (14mm) wheel spacer be installed on factory steel wheels with 54mm of offset or any other wheel that has comparable offset. This is for tire clearance between the inside of the tire and the strut and rear inner fender
  • Note; this could be omitted with an additional 9/16” (14mm) offset and aftermarket wheels.
  • 2019+ vans with adaptive cruise control are limited to 275/70/17 sized tires

Note: The Falcon 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust rear shocks are NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2. There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the large shock body of the Falcon shocks. 

Note: Some 2019+ Vans with rear A/C are not compatible with our front shock mounts. Please look in the passenger wheel well for a/c lines under the plastic fender liner. Winnebago Revels do not have the a/c line run here.     


Simple installation with basic hand tools and basic 12V wiring skills.       

Documents: Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2007+) Stage 6.5 Suspension Package With Falcon aDAPT E-Adjust Shocks

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Front shocks 2019+ Instructions

Rear shocks & Electronics wiring (All Years) Instructions

Front Lift Kit 2007-2018 Instructions

Front Kit 2019+ Instructions

Rear Lift Kit 2007-2018 Instructions

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Video: Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2007+) Stage 6.5 Suspension Package With Falcon aDAPT E-Adjust Shocks




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