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Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2016) Roof Rack - Campervan HQ

Mercedes Sprinter (2007-2016) Roof Rack

  • $ 1,895.00

Most people purchase Vans so they can take lots of people and lots of gear without towing a U-haul trailer or bringing along a second car. What happens when you have too many friends? Where are you going to put all that gear? An Aluminess roof rack, of course! Whether you have the factory Sprinter van with a low roof or high roof, or Sportsmobile penthouse top(pop top), we have a rack that works for you. Our Aluminium Roof Rack for the Mercedes Sprinter is perfect for carrying cargo boxes, surf boards, or just lounging around and watching the world go by. It is available with various flooring options from tread plate, which is perfect for lawn chairs and walking around, to slats which are great for tying down precious cargo (like your wife’s shoes). The standard length on the roof rack is from the rear of the van up to the back of the front doors. This gives ample storage space while keeping cargo behind your head and reducing noise.

  • Designed for the 2007-2015 Mercedes Sprinter

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