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Nissan NV Driver's Side Front T-Vent RV Window- FW801L

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The Nissan NV Driver's Side Front T-Vent RV Window- FW801L is an all-glass look to complement the Nissan NV van. Our windows are configured to fit within the OEM stampings and provide a customized OEM look. This great feature eliminates the time-consuming efforts of laying out where the window will be installed. This Nissan NV Driver's Side Front T-Vent (FW801L) window:

  • Uses OEM 'All-Glass' Look Frames
  • Fits 2011+ Low Top and High Top Nissan NV vans
  • Has 28% Dark Gray Glass
  • Uses OEM stampings for cut lines, no layout required

When mounting these windows on your Nissan NV van:

  • If you can, cut the openings with a center-blade shear, rather than a jigsaw - this will cut an opening that may be less ragged, produce less debris, and produce less hammering on the sheet metal of the van.
  • Make sure you paint the cut edges of the new window opening - if you skip this step, moisture can rust out the edges of the window mounting.
  • IMPORTANT: these windows clamp in place - ensure you do not use power tools on the inner trim ring screws, use hand tools to tighten these.

FREE SHIPPING if you pick up your van windows at any of our 23 US warehouses - contact us to check if that's a possibility.

Want to save on shipping? Order multiple windows for your van at once, so you'll save by having more than one window in a box or pallet (the shipping prices quoted at checkout are for individual windows, you'll actually pay less shipping for multiple windows, just let us know). Van windows are large, bulky and fragile - large windows are shipped on a pallet and can only ship via truck freight, so you pay shipping for the window and the pallet on which the window ships. Smaller windows can ship via UPS in a reinforced cardboard box, so you'll pay less shipping. 

Specifications: Nissan NV Driver's Side Front T-Vent Window- FW801L

Outside Glass Dimensions (mm.): 1178 x 538
Frame Dimensions (mm.): 1022 x 463
Installation: Clamp Ring
Clamp Ring (Inches): 1/4
Weight (lbs.): 30
Color: 28% Dark Gray
Window Type: Vented



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