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Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV Air Conditioner (9500 BTU)

  • $ 4,190.00

Looking for off-grid RV air conditioning unit that can be run from your batteries? The Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV Air Conditioner (9500 BTU) is the perfect solution! It installs onto your van’s roof just like a traditional RV air conditioner, but is vastly more energy-efficient. In fact, this Nomadic Cooling AC uses less than half of the electricity of a traditional RV rooftop A/C unit. Most rooftop air conditioners require 120 volt AC power to operate, from shore power or a generator. In some cases, you can run a standard unit from an inverter but inverters often struggle starting the compressor. In contrast, the Nomadic Cooling air conditioner uses 12/24-volt DC power, so it can run directly off your 12-volt or 24-volt battery bank without an inverter. 

    Not sure which air conditioner model to get? Use a BTU calculator to determine your cooling requirements. Calculate the interior dimensions of your space, your insulation level (because it's a van with windows and not much thermal mass, I'd select "poor"), and desired temperature increase - calculate the maximum cooling output you might ever need, and size your air conditioner to be capable of that.

    Notes: We highly recommend using lithium deep cycle batteries with this unit. The R134a gas is pre-filled before delivery. Display represented in Celsius.  Mounting bolts located inside 14x14 opening. This air conditioner is large and must ship via truck freight, shipping is $290.

    Key Features: Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV Air Conditioner (9500 BTU)

    • The 3000-series battery-powered air-conditioners are specifically designed for individuals who travel off the grid.
    • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioners are powered by DC 12V/24V/48V batteries. Preferably lithium, but not mandatory.
    • This is a stand-alone air-conditioner. You do not need to connect to the engine to operate the air-conditioner.
    • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioners are non-polluting, and highly efficient units.
    • All Nomadic Cooling battery-powered air-conditioners are very quiet, with at most noise of 60dBA with fan at maximum. Plus, these are almost vibration-free, especially compared to a 120V A/C unit.
    • Intelligent microprocessor control system, allows the user to set the temperature based on the desired temperature.
    • Includes multiple built-in protection functions such as pressure alarm, power high/low voltage, motor over-current, and motor temperature protection.
    • Assembled and tested in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Each unit comes with a video clip of its testing run sent to you before shipment.
    • Two-year warranty.

    Specifications: Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV Air Conditioner (9500 BTU)

    Voltage: 12/24V

    75 Amp Compressor Option

    35A-40A 12VDC @ 90 Fahrenheit
    Powerful Mode

    65A 12VDC Max Cool @ 85 Fahrenheit
    72A 12VDC Max Cool @ 100 Fahrenheit

    100 Amp Compressor Option

    50A-100A 12VDC Nominal  
    75A 12VDC Max Cool @ 85 Fahrenheit
    95A 12VDC Max Cool @ 110 Fahrenheit

    Net Weight: 61.05 lbs (27.69 kg) 
    Size (L x W x H): 35 X 31 X 6.6
    Opening Size:  14 x 14 
    Cooling capacity: 9553 BTU (2.8 kW)
    Noise Volume:  60 dBa
    Refrigerant R-134a @ 600g


    Package Includes:

    • 12/24V Air Conditioning Unit (600g R134A Refrigerant (pre-filled)
    • Interior  Control  Panel  -  Thermostat Included
    • Remote control
    • 4 Metal Washers Large
    • 4 Metal Lock Washers
    • 4 Mounting Bolts Large (built into unit)
    • 4 Mounting Nuts
    • 14" x 14" Waterproof Gasket
    • Interior mounting brace 14x14 (Metal Painted)
    • 2 Interior cross-bracing system (Metal painter) 
    • Flush mount interior vent aluminum (aluminum or powder coated)
    • 8 Small black finish screws for interior vent placement.

    Not Included:

    • Fuse Breakers (Blue Sea 187 breakers recommended).
    • Batteries
    • Butyl tape
    • Proflex/Dicor RV sealant.

    Video: Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV Air Conditioner (9500 BTU)

    The video shows how to install a Nomadic Cooling 2000 12/24V RV air conditioner.



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