Owl Vans Talon Sprinter Wheels - 17"8" (Pack of 5 Wheels)

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Unleash the potential of your Sprinter with Owl Vans Talon Sprinter Wheels - 17"8" (Pack of 5 Wheels).

With the new Owl Talon Wheel, they wanted to create something that raised the performance of the Sprinter wheel beyond what is available today. For the major wheel manufacturers, the Sprinter market is an afterthought. That means they don't make wheels specifically designed for a Sprinter, they re-machine wheel blanks from a different vehicle and make them "fit" the Sprinter. This means the wheel typically isn't optimized for the proper load capacity or offset.

Talon Sprinter Wheel Features

Load Capacity - With the massive weight of modern Sprinter builds Owl felt it was time to build a wheel that was both lightweight but also drastically increased the load-carrying capacity of the wheel. In basic terms, they wanted something stronger that could take the abuse of a 10,000lbs van pounding the dirt offroad and on. Here are some specs:

  • Owl Talon - 4200lbs (Talon wheel weight 32lbs)
  • BR Barstow - 2700lbs  (Wheel weight 32lbs)
  • BR Arsenal - 2600lbs (Wheel weight 32lbs)
  • Method 701 - 3600lbs  (Wheel weight 28lbs)

Offset - The offset of a wheel in basic terms is how much it sticks out the side of the van. All Sprinter wheels are a positive offset and the lower the number the farther the wheel will stick out the side of the van. By having a wheel with a lower offset you widen the track of your van. This means you also lower the center of gravity. This is a massive advantage when offroading in a tall vehicle like a Sprinter Van. 

Sprinter Wheel Offsets:

    • Owl Talon - 30mm (wider track, lower center of gravity for the van)
    • BR Barstow - 38mm
    • BR Arsenal - 38mm
    • Method 701 - 50mm

Key Features: Owl Vans Talon Sprinter Wheels - 17"8" (Pack of 5 Wheels)

  • Fits Sprinter 2500 (2007-present) including Revel, Storyteller, Tranquility, Cahaba
  • Colors: Satin Black (Wheel center cap is Black)
  • Size: 17"8"
  • Bolt Pattern: 6x130mm
  • Lug Bolt Seat Style: Cone
  • Lightweight rugged aluminum
  • Bead Retention Ring
  • Highest Load rating in the industry: 4200lbs per wheel
  • Dual valve stem system (Apex Valve sold separately)
  • Larger tire sizes may require a mondo kit or some trimming for clearance

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