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Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV RV Converter/Charger (45A, 12V)

  • $ 265.00

Need an efficient and reliable RV converter? The Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV RV Converter/Charger (45A, 12V) is a 120VAC input/12VDC output converter/charger designed for reliable and efficient charging of your RV batteries, with very clean power output. The Progressive Dynamics converter uses digital switching regulators to generate the most output energy from the least input, with a very low heat output compared to older linear regulators.

These converters include very comprehensive electronics protection, with:

  • short circuit protection
  • reverse polarity protection (with replaceable fuses)
  • over-current protection
  • over-temperature protection

They also include a fan controller which runs the fan proportionate to the temperature of the charger, minimizing fan noise.


Key Features: Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV RV Converter/Charger (45A, 12V)

The key features of the Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV include:

  • Switch-mode technology
  • Exceptionally clean DC output
  • Quickly and efficiently charges batteries
  • Designed to withstand low transient AC line voltage
  • Current limit and thermal/overload protection
  • Lower operating temperature than typical chargers
  • Quiet fan operation
  • External reverse polarity fuse protection from incorrect battery connection
The built-in Charge Wizard enables 4-stage battery charging suitable for flooded lead-acid batteries with pre-set voltage set points as follows:
  • Bulk charging cycle: 14.4V
  • Absorption charging cycle: 13.6V
  • Float charging cycle: 13.2V
  • Equalization charging cycle: 14.4V

Progressive Dynamics guarantees all their converters with a full 2-year warranty, and will repair or replace any defective products.


    Specifications: Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV RV Converter/Charger (45A, 12V)

    Length (in.) 14.3
    Width (in.) 11.6
    Height (in.) 5.7
    Weight (lbs.) 5.6
    Output Voltage 13.6-14.4V VDC output
    Output Amperage 45A
    Input Voltage 105-130VAC (725W)
    Input Amperage
    Working Temperature
    0°- 40°C
    Approvals UL 458, CUL


    Documents: Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV RV Converter/Charger (45A, 12V)

    Progressive Dynamics PD9200-Series Owner's Manual




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