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Ram ProMaster 2014+ Driver Side Middle Window (159"WB)

  • $ 289.00

The ProMaster now has Ram ProMaster 2014+ Driver Side Middle Window (159" WB) that is a perfect complement to the ProMaster's sleek aerodynamic styling. These windows have silkscreened black faded edges with solar privacy glass. The entire unit is contoured to match the sidewall and doors, making the installation as simple as conventional fully-framed windows. Our Ram ProMaster windows are configured to fit within the OEM stampings and provide a customized OEM look. Whether converting the ProMaster for commercial or recreational use, CRL 'All-Glass' look windows are the right choice.

Note: These windows are large and can only be shipped via truck freight, shipping is $145.00 each. These windows are shipped from AM Auto and cannot be picked up from the manufacturer. If you cancel your order after your windows have shipped, you will pay the shipping costs plus a 30% restocking fee.



Key Features: Ram ProMaster 2014+ Driver Side Middle Window (159" WB)

This Ram Promaster fixed window:

  • Fits 2014+ Ram ProMaster vans 159” and 159''WB EXT wheelbase only
  • AMA privacy 17% solar tint
  • Uses tempered glass for maximum safety and strength
  • Is tested to ANSI Z26.1 and FMVSS 205 safety standards
  • Glass UV rating=17%
  • Uses factory stampings for cut lines
  • Made in China
  • 6 Months warranty

When mounting these windows in your Ram ProMaster van:

  • If you can, cut the openings with a center-blade shear, rather than a jigsaw - this will cut an opening that may be less ragged, produce less debris, and produce less hammering on the sheet metal of the van.
  • Make sure you paint the cut edges of the new window opening - if you skip this step, moisture can rust out the edges of the window mounting.
  • Use a thick bead of quality urethane adhesive to adhere the window to the van, and prime the inside of the glass with glass primer where the adhesive will be attached.

Specifications: Ram ProMaster 2014+ Driver Side Middle Window (159" WB) 

Height  (in.)
Width   (in.) 53.22
Weight (lbs) N/A


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