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Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit

  • $ 300.00

Want to level out your Ram Promaster van? You can eliminate the nose down rake of your Ram Promaster with this Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit. This kit is designed specifically for the Ram Promaster / Fiat Ducato chassis and bolts on top of the factory strut assembly to lift the van a true 1.5”. There is no increase in harshness or spring rate with this lift kit, and the factory ride quality is unaffected. 

Lift your vehicle the correct way to enjoy the added ground clearance and peace of mind when venturing off the beaten path towards adventure. 

Key Features: Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit 

  • Fits Ram Promaster 1500/2500 single-rear-wheel vans (2013+ models)
  • Lifts the front of your Ram Promaster by 1.5 inches
  • This is a bolt on lift kit that can be installed with basic hand tools
  • This lift kit can be completely removed, allowing the vehicle to be returned back to stock configuration if desired
  • Proper camber correction is built into the spacer so the vehicle’s alignment will stay true to the OEM specifications
  • Keeps the factory ride quality
  • Proudly made in the USA by VanCompass

Note: This lift kit will put the front CV shafts at an increased operating angle from stock, but well within their operational range. However, we cannot guarantee dealer warranty of front axle shaft CVs should they show premature wear at a later date. Additionally, the stock sway bar end link bushings will operate at an increased angle at the new lifted ride height, and may also see more wear over time compared to a stock vehicle.


Video: Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit 

Documents: Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit 

Ram Promaster (2013+) Front Lift Kit Installation Guide

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