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Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door Half-Slider Window

  • $ 529.95

Looking for an opening camper window for your Ram Promaster camper van? The modern, stylish Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door Half-Slider Window is designed to fit the factory window cutout on Ram Promaster van models. This sleek single-pane glass window has solar privacy glass bordered by a black ceramic frit, with an inset sliding glass panel with a clean matte black interior frame. The panel has a push-button latch, and a removable sliding screen.

These windows are bonded (glue-in) windows, which require primer and adhesive to install (see our blog post on adding windows). You'll also want interior edge trim to finish the window cutout on the interior.

Note: These windows are large and can only be shipped via truck freight, shipping is $90 each. These windows are shipped from AM Auto and cannot be picked up from the manufacturer.

Key Features: Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door Half-Slider Window

The  Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door Half-Slider Window meets the following specifications:

  • Single-pane glass automotive window with sliding panel and removable sliding screen, locking latch
  • Designed to fit 2014+ Ram Promaster 136"WB and 159"WB vans.
  • Manufactured by AM Auto
  • Made in Turkey
  • Solar privacy glass with 17% tint (also known as "factory tint"), matches Ram privacy glass option and conforms to AS3 standard
  • Meets European and North American standards, tested and certified to ECE R43 and North American (US DOT FMVSS 205/Transport Canada CMVSS 205) standards 
  • 1-year warranty.

Note: This is a bonded (glue-in) window, which requires surface primer and urethane adhesive for installation.






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