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RoadShower 4S Portable Shower

  • $ 299.95

Looking for a portable shower for your RV or camper van? The RoadShower 4S is a sleek, high-quality portable RV shower which will ensure that even while on the road, you can always be refreshed by the great feeling of a hot shower. It also does double duty as a powerful, quick cleaner for surfboards, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, dishes, you name it.

Powered by the sun, the RoadShower gives you all the comforts of hot pressurized water whenever you want, without using any electric power or fuel - for every hour in the sun, it heats up about 10℉ per hour (at 70℉ ambient temperature or above), up to about 115. With its convenient rack-mount design, it also doesn't use any interior space in your RV or camper van.

Key Features: RoadShower 4S Portable Shower

  • Remember those long, hot days on the highway? The RoadShower will have you feeling refreshed and clean in minutes!
  • Mud-covered boards and bikes? Just hose them down, and in seconds they're back to spiffy clean again.
  • Solar-powered hot water doesn't require any fuel or electric power.
  • Peace of mind: wherever you go, a hot shower is on tap.
  • Easily and quickly installed, the RoadShower comes with its own mounting hardware to bolt onto almost any roof rack.
  • Roof rack mount means no precious interior space is used inside your camper van or RV.
  • The RoadShower 4S holds 4 gallons of water for plenty of shower time (enough for 2 showers).
  • Option to add an outlet or shower head on non-hose end.
  • Locking loop to secure the Road Shower 4S to your rack.
  • Side slot enables mounting on the side of a roof top basket.

Specifications: RoadShower 4S Portable Shower

Length (in.) 55
Width (in.) 6.1
Height (in.) 4.8
Weight (lbs.) 19 (empty),
49 (full)
Capacity (gal.)
Materials 12/100" aluminum alloy
Mounting bolts Stainless-steel 5/16" carriage bolts and Nyloc nuts
(13mm wrench needed). Lube recommended
on bolts and nuts.
Hose Food-grade 55"-long hose (5/8″ ID
, male and female brass GHT ends).
Elbow is 1/2″ x male GHT bib cock.
Pressure relief valve Opens at 55-75 psi.
Intake air valve 1/4″ NPT thread to tank with Schrader valve.


Note: Typically ships in 3-5 days, contact us for shipping time estimate when you order (ships in 10″ x 10″ x 64″ box, 22 lbs).

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