RV Propane Tank - 7.9 Gallon, Manchester Model 6814

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Need an RV propane tank? This Manchester 7.9-gallon underbody RV propane tank is a durable, safe choice at a great price. Very solid steel tank resistant to damage and corrosion, includes a large bash guard and comes with 1/4" steel channel brackets for mounting underneath your camper van.

We sell numerous sizes of Manchester tanks:

Dimensions Model Capacity Weight
8” x 42” Manchester 6811 6.7 gallon 51 lbs
10” x 32” Manchester 6814 7.9 gallon 52 lbs
10” x 23” Manchester 6813 5.5 gallon 43 lbs
12” x 28” Manchester 6840 9.8 gallon 65 lbs
12” x 32” Manchester 6817 11.2 gallon 72 lbs


Before selecting an underbody RV propane tank, measure the underbody cavities on your van to ensure you have the required space for mounting the tank.

Note: Tanks ship via truck freight, shipping is $149.

Key Features: RV Propane Tank - 7.9 Gallon, Manchester Model 6814

This RV propane tank:

  • Is made of steel, powder-coated with a light gray finish
  • Is built to ASME code for permanent mounting on motorized recreational vehicles (as specified by ASME-API Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code).
  • Uses a bash guard with multiple cutouts, so it doesn't retain any corrosive materials or build up ice around the valves
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Has a 312 psi working pressure
  • Carries Canadian provincial registration numbers.
  • Uses typical valve layout for ASME tanks:
    • Relief Valve — UL-listed (UL 132) with 312 psi internal spring operation.
    • Vapor Service Valve — internal excess flow.
    • Outage Valve (Fixed Liquid Level Gauge) — installed to insure proper filling.
    • 80% Stop-Fill Valve — 1 3/4" ACME connection.
  • Requires a two-stage regulator (like the MEGR-295) as described by the NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles. A two-stage regulator reduces freeze-up problems and helps the regulator maintain appliance pressure at 11"WC (.397 psi).
  • Does not include a sight gauge - requires a Manchester snap-on gauge (sold separately) or an RV propane tank sensor.

Note: This is a permanently-mounted tank, built to ASME specifications. In the US, propane (LP gas) tanks are built to the specifications of either the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code or DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations. Basically, the difference between the two is permanent installation (ASME) and transportable use (DOT). DOT capacity is expressed in pounds of water. ASME capacity is expressed in U.S. gallons. DOT tanks must be recertified after 12 years and then at 5-year intervals, ASME tanks do not require recertification. Laws for propane containers differ by US state - see this list of US state propane container regulations.

Specifications: RV Propane Tank - 7.9 Gallon, Manchester Model 6814

Capacity (US gallons) 7.9
Capacity (lbs.) 33.5
Weight (lbs.) 52
Diameter (inches) 10
Length (inches) 32


Documents: RV Propane Tank - 7.9 Gallon, Manchester Model 6814

Manchester 6814 RV Propane Tank Drawing



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