Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit - Ram ProMaster High Roof


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Introducing the Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit for Ram ProMaster High Roof Vans – Elevate Your Workspace!

Are you tired of the chaos in your cargo area? Do you want to maximize the functionality and organization of your Ram ProMaster van? Look no further than the Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit, designed to transform your vehicle into an efficient and well-organized workspace.

Cover the factory interior of your Ram ProMaster with this beautiful wall panel kit. With plenty of material options, you're able to make your van conversion fit your style!

Upgrade your van today and experience the difference for yourself. Order your Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit - Ram ProMaster High Roof now and take the first step towards a more organized and productive work environment.

Please read the detailed install information at the bottom of the page before ordering. 

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Key Features: Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit - Ram ProMaster High Roof 

  • Fits 2014+ Ram ProMaster 136'', 159'' and 159EXT High Roof van models
  • Does not fit low roof models.
  • Panels all cut from 1/4" (5.2mm) plywood
  • Panels mount on protruding metal sections to allow space for adequate insulation
  • Predrilled holes to coincide with solid metal sections of wall
  • Not all panels shown in diagram are in your kit. We modify kit contents according to your window/door layout. 
  • Rivet nuts with stainless or black oxide hardware  can be added to order upon request
  • We do not offer panels to cover window openings on slider door or rear door

Specifications: Serg Supply Wall Panel Kit - Ram ProMaster High Roof

Size Full length + Doors
Weight 60 - 120 lbs
Pallet Dimensions typically 36" x 74" x 18"

What's Included?

  • Driver Side Wall Panels
  • Passenger Side Wall Panels
  • Back Door/Cargo Panels
  • Self-Tapping Metal Screws


Can Serg Supply offer full window and bunk window cutouts on this kit?

Serg Supply will CNC a full sized window cutout free of charge in the driver side forward section. Serg Supply will make the cutout tightly follow the factory shape at the edge of the window, staying flush so there are no gaps. 

For smaller window cutouts: If the cutout is for a smaller bunk style window, we STRONGLY recommend ordering the panels first and making your own template to match your smaller bunk window.

How do Ram Promaster wall panels mount?

Unlike other vehicles, Ram Promaster wall panels need to be mounted using self-tapping screws or rivet nuts. All of the pre-drilled holes are designed to serve as drilling guides prior to installation. Getting a helping hand to hold larger panels in place while drilling pilot holes will help speed up installation significantly.

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