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Swing-Away Tire Carrier: Hitchgate Solo XL

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Need a swing-away tire carrier for your camper van? The best tire carrier should be affordable, light, sturdy, and versatile - the Hitchgate Solo Swing-away Tire Carrier fits the bill. Since it sits level with the vehicle's receiver hitch, the Hitchgate Solo fits vans that have low clearance between the rear hatch/door and the receiver (like the Mercedes Sprinter), and you can mount up to a 35-inch spare tire while maintaining ground clearance with minimal change in departure angles when driving off-road. Release a single latch pin and it opens wide for full access to the vehicle’s cargo space.

Why pick the Hitchgate Solo for your van rather than the Hitchgate Solo XL? If the tires on your van are a stock tire size, you may be fine with the Solo. For tires larger than 35", you'll want the wider Solo XL so the rear doors can swing open fully to 90 degrees.

Key Features: Swing-away Tire Carrier - Hitchgate Solo XL

  • US-made in Southern California
  • Expertly and precisely crafted from high-strength steel
  • Solo XL UHG32206 extended truck, tire, and receiver for added door clearance on large cargo vans (Ex: Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter)
  • 30" wide from the center of the hitch out to the pivot hole (5" wider than Hitchgate Solo standard)
  • Weight 58 lbs.
  • Designed to fit a Class III 2" receiver hitch
  • Tow-rated at 7,500 lbs (trailer weight) and 750 lbs (tongue weight)
  • Powder-coated black
  • Fits the Ford Transit van, Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster and Nissan NV vans, and others too.
  • Limited lifetime warranty, 1-year warranty on powdercoating
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Fitment Notes: 
  • Zero offset or shallow offset (high positive offset) wheels may require an additional wheel spacer.
  • Rectangular support arm is welded to secondary hitch extending 2″ above factory hitch and 29″ out horizontally.
  • When properly installed, the Solo will sit level with inside of the hitch…if your bumpers arc upward at the corners, the Solo may appear not to follow those body lines as it is mated up to the hitch rather than the bumper.
  • Solo WILL interfere with factory back-up sensors and/or back-up camera. The camera will still have some visibility.
  • 4.5″ of clearance required from center of hitch pin hole rearward for it to be compliant with wedge-lock system. You may need to relocate spare tire from underneath or modify to gain the necessary clearance.
Note: Because these swing-away tire carriers are large and bulky, there is typically a $50 shipping charge.

Documents: Swing-away Tire Carrier - Hitchgate Solo

Hitchgate Solo/Solo XL Tire Carrier Installation Guide

Video: Swing-away Tire Carrier - Hitchgate Solo XL





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