Thermozite Insulator Padding - Sound and Heat

  • $ 42.98

Want an eco-friendly insulation for your campervan? Thermozite Insulator Padding is an excellent heat and sound barrier! Thermozite is a lightweight thermal-acoustic insulation composite made with Eco-fi™ polyester fiber (100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles). This insulation material has a laminated scrim-reinforced foil on one side and jute carpet padding on the other. The tough aluminum foil side provides a radiant heat shield which can increase thermal resistance up to a factor of four (depending on the distance from heat source).

Use Thermozite insulation to insulate floors, doors, side panels and engine compartments in cars, RVs, trucks and boats as well as firewalls, machinery enclosures and noisy pipes and valves. Install foil side down when used to insulate flooring. Install foil side up when used in a headliner application.

Note: Color will vary from roll to roll and sample colors may not match.

Note: The insulator is sold by the linear yard, and the foil tape by the roll (30 foot). 

Key Features: Thermozite Insulator Padding - Sound and Heat 

  • Can be cut easily with scissors or knife
  • Light weight and pliable
  • Minimizes vibrations
  • Can be handled without gloves

Specifications: Thermozite Insulator Padding - Sound and Heat

Roll Width 48"
Foil Options One-sided, Double-sided
Noise Reduction Coefficient (Hz) 1.30
Thermal Conductivity (K) 0.280
Thermal Resistance (R) 1.3
Composition Eco-fi™ (100% post consumer recycled
plastic bottles)

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