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Thule Hideaway Awning Adapter for Vans

  • $ 99.95

This item is special ordered and is taking 8-10 weeks to ship.

Looking for the best RV awning for your camper van? The Thule Hideaway Awning is a great lightweight, compact awning that works with all kinds of camper vans, including Sprinter and Promaster vans. Turn the area beside your van into your mobile patio, and give yourself protection from the rain and the sun.

    For the Thule Hideaway awning, you need to order a roof-mount awning adapter specific to your vehicle type. Choose the roof-mount bracket that's appropriate for your van model from the four options available:

    • Ram Promaster van with Thule Hideaway 10.7-ft awning 
    • Ram Promaster van with Thule Hideaway 12.3-ft awning
    • Mercedes Sprinter with factory roof rails
    • Mercedes Sprinter van without factory roof rails

    Key Features: Thule Hideaway Awning Adapter

    • Roof-mount adapters to fit Thule Hideaway awning on your van
    • Four models available to suit Sprinter and Promaster vans
    • All-metal construction.

    Documents: Thule Hideaway Awning Adapter

    Thule Hideaway Awning Roof-Mount Adapter for Ram Promaster

    Thule Hideaway Awning Roof-Mount Adapter for Mercedes Sprinter

    Video: Thule Hideaway Awning Adapter

    Check out the video showing a Thule Hideaway (Omnistor 6200) manual awning. This awning has lateral support arms underneath the awning fabric, and also fold-down support arms which are not shown in the video.








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