Vanmade Gear Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover

  • $ 85.00

Looking for a universal bunk window cover for your Sprinter, Transit or ProMaster camper van? This Vanmade Gear Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover is the solution for your CRL half-slider bunk windows! We use a special insulation layer that works wonders to maintain your van's interior temps. We build your gear with the best materials we can find, including durable nontoxic ripstop coverings and Low-E SSR aluminum-backed insulation. This means that UV rays and 97% of radiant heat gets blocked out on a hot day, so you can hang out inside. It also means that in the winter you can warm up the van and trust that our covers will keep the heat in better than any others. 

These window frames are aluminum, but this shade comes with custom steel tabs (VHB 5953 adhesive, black powder-coated to match the window frame).

Note: FREE SHIPPING in lower 48 US states.

Key Features: Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover

  • 10×33 fits CR Laurence half-slider windows (VW1033R, VW1033L)
  • Pull tabs integrated to both front and back to make it easy to open and close
  • Mounts magnetically via very strong N48 rare-earth magnets. No holes need to be drilled
  • Uses 5mm thick Low-E SSR(tm) insulation (higher R-value than competition, mold & mildew resistant, aluminum-faced on both sides, durable)
  • 100% polyester UV resistant thread
  • Durable and water repellent polyester rip-stop exterior
  • Durable nylon webbing edge binding
  • Proudly made in the US

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