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US Battery US12V XC2 12V Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle RV Battery - Campervan HQ

US Battery US12V XC2 12V Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle RV Battery

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Need a deep-cycle RV battery? The US Battery US12V XC2 Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle RV Battery is an excellent choice.

There are three key reasons to buy US Battery deep-cycle batteries:

  • American-made - US Battery is a proudly American company. Founded in 1926 near San Diego, California, US Battery is now a worldwide leader in deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with three manufacturing and distribution plants in the United States: Corona (California), Augusta and Evans (both in Georgia).
  • Excellent quality control - Many products today are made in countries with low labor costs and poor quality control. US Battery products undergo extensive automated quality testing and human testing during manufacturing - for example, after assembly each battery goes through a high-voltage short-circuit test and a non-destructive weld shear test to ensure the battery cell connections are intact and function well. After the battery cell covers are heat-sealed to the battery, they’re tested for peripheral or inter-cell leaks. Each battery then undergoes a thorough quality check, then is filled with electrolyte solution and charged. After charging, the batteries are topped off again with electrolyte, cleaned and tested for high-rate discharge capacity. Only then are they labeled and tagged with model and warranty details. Our distributor reports that US Battery products have one of the lowest rates of warranty claims they've seen.
  • True deep-cycle design - Lead-acid batteries are the most widespread choice for dependable power delivered at the lowest cost. The lead-antimony alloy used in the US2200 improves its deep-cycling capabilities, and its thick plates allow it to withstand repeated deep-cycling.

    US Battery products compare with any of the major lead-acid battery manufacturers. See this Deep-Cycle Battery Comparison for details.

    For details on how lead-acid batteries stack up against other battery designs/chemistries for use as deep-cycle RV batteries, see our RV Battery Buying Guide.

    Free shipping on batteries on normal routes within 60 miles of any of our western US warehouse locations. Shipping outside of warehouse areas will differ depending on location and weight - batteries are heavy and bulky items.

    Specifications: US Battery US12V XC2 12V Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle RV Battery

    Length (in.) 14
    Width (in.) 7.1
    Height (in.) 11.4
    Weight (lbs.) 86
    Voltage 12 VDC
    Capacity 155 AH @ 20 hour rate
    Bulk Charge Voltage See battery spec sheet
    Absorption Charge Voltage
    See battery spec sheet
    Float Voltage
    See battery spec sheet

    US Battery US12V XC2 Detailed Specification Sheet


    Video: How US Battery Deep-Cycle Batteries Are Made




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