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Victron Color Control GX

  • $ 516.99

A first in the RV/marine solar world - a full-color controller/display that can display all the details of what's happening in your RV electrical system at a glance. Need help with your system? Have a support person troubleshoot your system remotely via the Internet, a capability that until now was only possible with residential solar power systems.

The Victron Color Control GX is a full-featured communication center that offers live information and lets you control all products connected to it. Full system control is gained - almost anywhere in the world - by accessing your Color Control GX using the free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) over the Internet or with the VictronConnect app on your smartphone.

Key Features: Victron Color Control GX

The key features of the Victron Color Control GX System Monitoring Panel include:

  • Intuitive system overview - all you need to know
  • The full power of Victron Remote Management, accessed through the Internet or VictronConnect app on your smartphone
  • Automatic Generator start/stop
  • Remote Console - control everything from anywhere...
  • Energy Storage Systems - 24-hour Monitoring
  • Remotely monitor your RV electrical system

Specifications: Victron Color Control GX

Length (in.) 5.1
Width (in.) 4.7
Height (in.) 1.6
Dimensions (mm and inch) 
130x120x28mm / 5.1x4.7x1.6 Inch
Power supply voltage range
8 – 70V DC
Current draw
12V DC | 24V DC | 48V DC
Display off
140mA | 80mA | 40mA
Display at minimum intensity
160mA | 90mA | 45mA
Display at maximum intensity
245mA | 125mA | 65mA
Potential free contact
3A / 30V DC / 250V AC (Normally open)

Communication ports
2 separate VE.Direct ports – isolated
2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated
2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated
2 USB Host ports – not isolated
10/100/1000MB RJ45 socket – isolated except shield
3rd party interfacing
Use Modbus-TCP to monitor and control all products connected to the Color Control GX
Use the VRM JSON API to retrieve data from the VRM Portal

Documents: Victron Color Control GX

Victron Color Control GX Panel User Manual

Victron Color Control GX Data Sheet

Video: Victron Color Control GX




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